Artie Vierkant, “Image Objects”

RRose Editions 2016

500 copies
Publié avec l’aide du Centre National des Arts Plastiques
ISBN : 978-2-9556712-0-7

HUV Print on 115g Lessebo Design paper & 102g Curious Translucent inserts


Image Objects are works that exist at the interstice between the physical object and the mediated image. The series is titled for the idea of this divide itself, in a time when our understanding of objects comes equally from our physical interaction with them as well as the contexts and frequency with which we encounter images of those objects, and when representational autonomy can be interrupted with highly commonplace tools for copying, altering and reclaiming images. As I have written elsewhere, an environment in which ‘everything is anything else’.

Each time Image Objects are officially documented the installation views are altered before their release, whether printed in a publication or distributed online. This process is intended to allow the objects to continue to shift and evolve aesthetically, just as the compositions of the pieces themselves are an ongoing and fluid process. This poses an intervention into the space of the installation view itself – the venue of representation – to turn what we are used to thinking of as a ‘mediated’ experience of the work into a direct experience. The installation views become works in their own right, as well as an extension of the embodiment of the fabricated objects on view, without the distinction between ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ methods of viewing the work.