Casey Reas, “A Mathematical Theory of Communication”

RRose Editions 2018
250 copies

HUV Print, 150g Lessebo Design paper
12 unbound sheets, housed in a 320g Popset Reglisse printed sleeve.
Printed at Cassochrome

Last copies might be available at Printed Matter in NY, or Yvon Lambert in Paris

“A Mathematical Theory of Communication is a series of landscapes created by blending ideas from conceptual art and information science. Each of the images in the book is one of infinite variations derived from a single source image, a collage of image fragments captured with an TV antenna. The title of this work is taken from a highly influential text published by Claude Shannon in 1948 that outlined the foundation of information theory. This book is a companion to a pair of murals commissioned by Landmarks, the public art program of the University of Texas at Austin.”